One day when I’m dead it will hit me how

bored I am and long to be alive once

more and then maybe never die again although

if I’m in Heaven or even Hell then

I’ll already be alive even though

dead, in Sunday School they tell us kids that

our lives on Earth are meant to prepare us

for life eternal, which is where I came

in wondering whether that will get old 

–I’ll want to live as I lived once, as I’m

living now, on Earth that is, even if

it means dying all over again and

if there are no hot dogs or tacos or

comic books in the Afterlife I’d just

as soon stay where I am. And popcorn shrimp.

Gale Acuff has had hundreds of poems published in a dozen countries and is the author of three books of poetry. He has taught university English in the US, China, and Palestine.