The Cornucopia

Wrestling for your love,

your ruthless gaze, the thunder-shield, 

turned us into stone.

The horn of plenty is the prize

we’ve been hungered for,

your smile is worth more than

a diamond.

The signpost pointed to a dead- end street, 

a pinwheel in your right hand,

a raven standing on your left shoulder,

the reoccurring nightmare made me feel breathless,

plagued with insomnia. 

A glittering cone-shaped flower 

sat on the long bench still.

Fidgeting with my fingers,

waiting for the wielding of gavel,

a windfall harvest of your kiss 

landed on my forehand,

the sweetest fruit God ever bestowed upon me,

the divine nectar flows out 

from your sparkling eyes.

Alas, the shrieking of nocturnal owl 

still hovers over my head.

The milky way between us, dwindling, 

blurring till

your face, our dreams returning back

to the celestial, up above,

out of touch.

Besides teaching pupils of learning difficulties at Dounan Elementary School of Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen writes poems in English, Chinese and Taiwanese languages as well. Provided the opportunity, she would like to have her poems published by reliable journals and share her poems with people around the globe.