The Eye of the Storm

How strange it is to be settled by a raging storm.

To be surrounded by mayhem, and

feel suddenly at peace.

To see the fury, and 

the chaos that so typically swells in my mind

outside of my body instead.

To feel the wind whip through my hair, and

the heavy cold drops prickle up my skin.

To have my vision filled by bright flashes, and

my eardrums rattled by deep booming crashes.

An episode of nature’s might to match my own madness.

The power is mine as it swirls above me in gray and black.

Have I somehow cast a spell? Unleashed some bit of magic?

I feel as though I have cracked open and released the disturbance from within me.

I feel wild and free, refreshed and serene, relieved of my sanity.

Tinamarie Cox lives in Northern Arizona with her husband and two children. While she has devoted much of herself to her family over the years, she currently seeks to expand her universe by rekindling her love of writing.