Anthology I

Raim – Neil James Rhind

cursing, like the psalms – Ellen Huang

Imperfect Balconies – Arthur Klepchukov

Separation – Katherine Howell

Maps Crafted by Poets and Desert Fathers – Carol Hamilton

Path to Self Destruction – Confidence Olika

Why did I lose my heart so easily? – Lorna Wood

The Cornucopia – Yi Jung Chen

Red Roses – Charlene Moskal

Escort Service – Mike Nichols

One day when I’m dead it will hit me how – Gale Acuff

Shaped in the Vacuum-Form of Suppositions – Jonathan Yungkans

Demons in the Light – Mike Nichols

The Twelve Brothers – Jeana Jorgensen

The Evolution of Feathers – Jimmy Pappas

The Hand of Godde – freygl gertsovski

Love Needing Mindfulness Of The Satipatthana Sutta – August Smith

Depraven – Carl Palmer